Book re-selling

Nowadays, books may not be sold the same as it was back then. Although times are different, I would want to start my blog of my first ever business success story. It was all thanks to the all mighty books that were required at school.Every semester, the professors would require students a book for reference. I would often buy at out local C&E shop and look for the original version. It was boy expensive but I never felt guilty because knowledge is very important. As years went on, my library of books grew, thats when I started to think of re-selling a few. This was my first crawl in business. It wasn't very easy path though. As years went by the prices go down because there would be new released edition and the more notes and writings I have written but worn out cover affected the price tag.I learned to really physically take care of the books I own and even covering it with hard covers, fighting urges to write notes on the books but it paid off as when I re-sell it, it was eve…
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